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Kris Wong DavisVice Provost for theOffice of Enrollment Management Sheet.516 EM Administrative Assistant Dana Beck EM Administrative AssistantDana Beck Sheet.517 Sheet.519 EM Analysis & Reporting Steve Lipps Director EM Analysis & ReportingSteve LippsDirector Sheet.520 Admissions Mitch Warren Director AdmissionsMitch WarrenDirector Sheet.521 EM Strategic Initiatives & Communications Dan Derflinger Dire... EM Strategic Initiatives & CommunicationsDan DerflingerDirector Sheet.522 Office of the Registrar Keith Gehres Director Office of the RegistrarKeith GehresDirector Sheet.523 Division of Financial Aid Heidi Carl Executive Director Division of FinancialAidHeidi CarlExecutive Director Sheet.524 Purdue Recruitment Council (PRC) Purdue Recruitment Council(PRC) Sheet.525 Student Success Dan Carpenter Director Student SuccessDan CarpenterDirector Sheet.526 IT Enterprise Relationship Mgmt. Rita Clifford Executive Dire... IT Enterprise Relationship Mgmt.Rita CliffordExecutive Director Sheet.527 Office of the Bursar Tim Riley Director Office of the BursarTim RileyDirector Sheet.528 International Students & Scholars Bryant Priester Director InternationalStudents & ScholarsBryant PriesterDirector Sheet.531 Office of the Comptroller Richard Wells Assistant Comptroller Office of the ComptrollerRichard WellsAssistant Comptroller Sheet.532 University Residences Barb Frazee Executive Director University ResidencesBarb FrazeeExecutive Director Sheet.533 Regional Campus Enrollment Services Departments Regional Campus Enrollment Services Departments Sheet.534 Sheet.535 Sheet.537 Statewide Technology Anderson / Muncie Columbus / Southeaster... Statewide TechnologyAnderson / MuncieColumbus / Southeastern Indianapolis / KokomoLafayette / New AlbanyRichmond / South BendElkhart Sheet.538 Bold line = Formal Administrative Reporting Red line = Coordi... Bold line = Formal Administrative ReportingRed line = Coordinated Relationship to the Office of Enrollment Management Sheet.541 Areas do not administratively report to the Office of Enrollm... Areas do not administratively report to the Office of Enrollment Management but are part of the Office of EM at a collaborative functional level Sheet.542 Areas to not administratively report to Enrollment Management... Areas to not administratively report to Enrollment Management but because of integrated systems and processes serve on the CORE EM Group Sheet.543 Scholarship Coordinators Awarding Network (SCAN) Samantha Tap... ScholarshipCoordinators Awarding Network (SCAN)Samantha Tapia ChairDivision of Financial Aid Sheet.544 Sheet.546 College of Agriculture College of Education College of Engine... College of AgricultureCollege of EducationCollege of EngineeringExploratory StudiesGraduate SchoolCollege of Health and Human SciencesCollege of Liberal ArtsKrannert School of Mgmt.College of PharmacyCollege of ScienceStudent Life and LibrariesPolytechnic InstituteUniversity HonorsCollege of Veterinary Medicine BursarEnrollment Mgmt.Provost Office of Fin AffairsPurdue Alumni Assoc.Purdue Research Foundation Student Success Sheet.548 Purdue University System-wide Financial Aid Network (PurFan) ... Purdue UniversitySystem-wideFinancial Aid Network(PurFan)Purdue University Northwest PNW, IPFW, West Lafayette Sheet.549 College of Agriculture Black Cultural Center College of Healt... College of AgricultureBlack Cultural CenterCollege of Health and Human SciencesCollege of EducationCollege of EngineeringHousing and Food ServicesLatino Cultural CenterCollege of Liberal ArtsSchool of ManagementSchool of NursingCollege of PharmacyRecreational Sports Center ROTC College of SciencePurdue Polytechnic InstituteExploratory StudiesSchool of Veterinary MedicineAsian and Asian American Cultural CenterNative American Educational and Cultural CenterLGBTQ Cultural CenterHonors CollegeStudy AbroadEM Analysis & ReportingEM CommunicationsEM Strategic InitiativesStudent Success Sheet.552 Sheet.553 Sheet.529 International Programs Mike Brzezinski Dean InternationalProgramsMike BrzezinskiDean Sheet.530 Graduate ADMS Tom Atkinson Associate Dean Graduate ADMSTom AtkinsonAssociate Dean