Service-learning is a teaching approach where students help to meet community needs. Let us connect you with a Purdue course! Reach out to Lindsey Payne at

Partner with a Purdue class

Got a project idea you haven’t had time to pursue? Through a Purdue service-learning partnership, organizations can benefit from student projects or volunteer hours as students gain valuable real-world experience. The most successful service-learning partnerships use collaboration to define mutually-beneficial goals and build measures for assessing a project’s success.

Forming partnerships

Key to a quality service-learning partnership is a strong relationship between the community organization and an invested faculty member. Here are some important questions to ask as you are forming a new partnership:

  • Is this partnership going to mutually benefit both Purdue students and the community organization?

  • Is one side asking too much, or are our goals out of sync?

  • How are we going to assess the success of the project?

  • What accountability measures can we build in?

  • What are our expectations for time commitments and communication?


Funding for service-learning projects is available through Purdue and external sources.

Student Service-Learning Grants: Each semester, Purdue students can apply for service-learning grants of up to $1500 per course, and funds are required to directly benefit the community partner. Students must submit their application with the support of a community organization and a Purdue faculty or staff member.

Office of Engagement Service-Learning Fellows: The Service-Learning Fellows Program matches community partners with Purdue faculty and graduate students to fund service-learning projects through a structured mentoring program. In April, faculty apply to collaborate on projects pre-set by community organizations. If you are interested in becoming a service-learning fellow, contact Lindsey Payne at

Indiana Campus Compact: Indiana Campus Compact supports community engagement efforts throughout the state. They have numerous opportunities for funding, awards, and professional development.

Bring service-learning to your organization

If you’re new to service-learning, Director of Service-Learning, Lindsey Payne, would love to visit your organization to give a brief introduction on how to navigate forming partnerships at Purdue. Reach out at