Purdue University Richard G. Lugar - Purdue University Summit on Energy Security
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Summit presentations

Below are available presentations from the Summit held August 29, 2006.


  • Implementing Strategies to Reduce Foreign Oil Dependence: Oil Industry Perspective (PDF)
    Carol Battershell, Vice President
    Alternative Energy
    BP Inc.

  • Barriers and Opportunities Relating to the Production of Coal Liquids and its Environmental Issues (PDF) (PowerPoint)
    Ari Geertsema
    , Professor
    Center for Applied Energy Research
    University of Kentucky

  • Sustaining Energy and Mobility in the 21st Century: Challenges and Opportunities for the U.S. (PDF)
    Amy Myers Jaffe, Wallace S. Wilson Fellow in Energy Studies
    James A. Baker III Institute for Public Policy
    Rice University

  • Apollo Program for Biomass Liquids: What Will it Take? (PDF) (PowerPoint)
    Michael Ladisch, Distinguished Professor
    Department of Agricultural and Biological Engineering
    Purdue University

  • Policy Alternatives to Stimulate Private Sector Investment in Domestic Alternative Fuels (PDF) (PowerPoint)
    Wallace Tyner, Professor
    Department of Agricultural Economics
    Purdue University

  • Opportunities and Challenges of Expanding Agriculture's Contribution to the Energy Supply (PDF) (PowerPoint)
    Daniel De La Torre Ugarte, Associate Director
    Agricultural Policy Analysis Center
    University of Tennessee



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