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Emergency Preparedness Safety Briefing

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Purdue University is a very safe campus and there is a low probability that a serious incident will occur here at Purdue.  However, just as we receive a "safety briefing" each time we get on an aircraft, we want to emphasize our emergency procedures for evacuation and shelter in place incidents.  Our preparedness will be critical IF an unexpected event occurs!

Emergency preparedness is everyone's responsibility.  Purdue University is actively preparing for natural disasters or human-caused incidents with the ultimate goal of maintaining a safe and secure campus. Let's review the following procedures:

  • For ANY emergency call 911. Purdue Dispatch Center will send help.police, fire personnel or both will be immediately sent to your location.
  • There are over 200 Emergency Telephone Systems throughout campus that connect directly to the Purdue Police Department (PUPD).  If you feel threatened or need help, push the button and you will be connected to the PUPD.
  • If we hear a fire alarm we will immediately evacuate the building and proceed to_____________________ (location)
    • Do not use the elevator
    • Go over evacuation route.see specific Building Emergency Plan
  • If we are notified of a Shelter in Place requirement for a tornado warning we will shelter in the lowest level of this building away from windows and doors. Our preferred location is ________________
  • If we are notified of a Shelter in Place requirement for a hazardous materials release we will shelter in our classroom shutting any open doors and windows.
  • If we are notified of a Shelter in Place requirement for a civil disturbance such as an active shooter we will shelter in a room that is securable preferably without windows.  Our preferred location is ________________.

NOTE: Each building will have different evacuation & shelter locations. The specific Building Emergency Plan will provide specific locations and procedures.

There are several resources to help you prepare.  We recommend that you review these resources each semester.  They are:

  • The Building Emergency Plan
    • Contains general and building specific evacuation and shelter in place procedures


  • "Shots Fired on Campus: When Lightning Strikes," is a 20-minute active shooter awareness video that illustrates what to look for and how to prepare and react to this type of incident.
  • "To Hell and Back, College Fire Survival" is a 20-minute fire safety video.  You must register to view the video. However, the People's Burn Foundation will not send you e-mail or spam, and your information will not be shared with third parties.  The People's Burn Foundation collects demographic information to study cultural, age and gender awareness pertaining to fire and burn prevention.