Robbery Safety Tips

Travel well-lighted, busy routes. Avoid walking or parking in shadowed areas. Have your keys in your hand as you approach your door, and remember to be alert to what and who is around you. There’s safety in numbers. Use SAFE walk program.

Be alert and aware. Pay close attention to who is around you when you are in public. Avoid text messaging or talking on the phone if you do not absolutely need to use the phone.

Be careful with purses or wallets. Carry a purse close to your body, but do not loop or wrap straps around you. A purse snatcher could injure you. Keep wallets in an inside pocket. Avoid displaying and carrying large sums of money in public. Only carry the credit cards you need.

Report any suspicious activity or person immediately.
Know the locations of the Emergency Telephone System throughout campus. These Blue Light phones provide direct communications with the Purdue University Police Dispatch Center and identify the location from which you are calling.

If you are confronted, COOPERATE! Give the criminal what he/she asks for. Your life is more valuable than replaceable possessions. Don’t make sudden moves or try to apprehend the criminal yourself. Concentrate on remembering a details. Call or text 911 immediately.

Safety Contacts


Call 911 – Police and Fire

Purdue Police
Phone: 765-494-8221

Purdue Fire
Phone: 765-494-6919

Emergency Preparedness
To report a safety hazard:
Phone: 765-494-0446

Environmental Health and Public Safety

Purdue Radiological and Environmental Management
Phone: 765-494-6371