Larceny Safety Tips

Because theft is largely a crime of opportunity, you can discourage would-be thieves by making theft a little more difficult. These tips are good for living areas:

Monitor access

Keep outside doors to your building or facility locked. Don’t let unidentified people float in behind you. Ask strangers to wait in common areas while their hosts are summoned. Politely offer assistance to persons in your building or residence whom you do not recognize. If they have legitimate business, they will appreciate your help. If they do not, you can ask

If it’s visible, thieves will do more to get it

Do not leave coats, books, or other valuable items in common areas. Keep them in your Even in your room, keep small valuable items out of plain sight, such as in a closed drawer.

Keep things locked

When you are out, make a habit of keeping doors and windows closed and locked, and lock up even if you’re leaving only for a minute, and take your keys with you.

Suspicious Persons and Behaviors

Reporting suspicious persons and behaviors is an important action you can take to help the police keep the campus safe. If you hear or see something suspicious or concerning, call the police immediately.

Safety Contacts


Call 911 – Police and Fire

Purdue Police
Phone: 765-494-8221

Purdue Fire
Phone: 765-494-6919

Emergency Preparedness
To report a safety hazard:
Phone: 765-494-0446

Environmental Health and Public Safety

Purdue Radiological and Environmental Management
Phone: 765-494-6371