Arson Safety Tips

Immediately report any fire to Purdue Police or Purdue Fire by calling or texting 911 Report any suspicious behavior by calling 911

Have an escape plan with two options if possible and discuss it with all residents Be aware of the location of fire extinguishers in places you frequent.

Do not try to extinguish any fire alone – call 911
Contact the fire department even if smaller fire has been extinguished.

Do not stop to collect personal belongings and do not re-enter a burning building for any reason.

Burning paper on bulletin boards is arson, and a possible sign of someone with a problem, contact the authorities.

Safety Contacts


Call 911 – Police and Fire

Purdue Police
Phone: 765-494-8221

Purdue Fire
Phone: 765-494-6919

Emergency Preparedness
To report a safety hazard:
Phone: 765-494-0446

Environmental Health and Public Safety

Purdue Radiological and Environmental Management
Phone: 765-494-6371