Aggravated Assault Safety Tips

Keep emergency numbers pre-programmed into your cell phone.

If you are faced with demands for your money or property, especially from an armed subject, comply with their demands in the interest of your safety.

Do not prop doors to buildings open. Prevent ‘tailgating’ by closing all doors and gates behind you when entering or leaving.

Walk in lighted corridors on campus when possible. Use Safe Walk. Call 494-SAFE for escort.

Be aware of blue light emergency telephones. They are a direct line to help. Walk confidently, directly, and at a steady pace. Don’t stop to talk to strangers.

Always be aware of your surroundings. Avoid headphone and cell phone use when walking or waiting alone.

Report any suspicious activity or person immediately by calling or texting 9-1-1

If harassed or assaulted, scream and attempt to run for safety or go into an open business, and ask for help

Safety Contacts


Call 911 – Police and Fire

Purdue Police
Phone: 765-494-8221

Purdue Fire
Phone: 765-494-6919

Emergency Preparedness
To report a safety hazard:
Phone: 765-494-0446

Environmental Health and Public Safety

Purdue Radiological and Environmental Management
Phone: 765-494-6371