To:            Executive Vice Presidents, Chancellors, Vice Presidents, Vice Chancellors, Vice Provosts, Deans, Directors and Heads of Schools, Divisions, Departments and Offices

From:       Suzie Orr, Chair, Ross & Roberts Scholarships Award Committee

Date:        January 27, 2017

Re:           2017 Ross Roberts Call for Nominations Letter


Nominations are being accepted for the 2017 Flora Roberts and G.A Ross Awards.  This is your invitation to submit nominations for this prestigious award that recognizes an outstanding senior woman and man.  Purdue faculty and staff play a critical role in the successful recognition of students for their academic and personal achievements.  Faculty and departmental assessments of student achievement consistent with the criteria for the awards assure the quality envisioned by Flora Roberts and G. A. Ross.

The Flora Roberts Award and the G. A. Ross Award will be presented to one graduating female and male who meet the following criteria:

The award recipients will receive: a bronze-plated medal, a certificate, $1000 gift, and each will have their name inscribed on the award marker located on the Purdue Mall.

A committee of undergraduate peers selects each award recipient.  Nomination packets include written descriptions of the three quality areas listed above in bold and up to three letters of support.  We have found that nominations containing greater detail have an increased likelihood of being selected.  To assist you as a nominator, you may consider informing the student/or group of students that they are likely to be considered for an award.  This would allow the student to compile a detailed list of honors, accomplishments and activities, or maybe even submit to you his or her résumé (please *note that a résumé may not be submitted as part of the nomination).  Asking the student(s) to list the names and contact information for other faculty members or advisors who might be willing to submit support letters will assist you in making those requests.  Please do not mention the Ross or Roberts Award by name, as we attempt to surprise the students who receive this great honor. 

Please submit your nominations electronically using the following links:

2017 Flora Roberts Award Nomination – Outstanding Senior Woman

2017 G. A. Ross Award Nomination – Outstanding Senior Man

Please feel free to share this information with faculty and staff members in your respective area.  All nominations must be submitted electronically, using the links above.  Please submit all files using PDF formatting.  Nominations are due by February 13, 2017.  For additional information, please visit the Ross and Roberts Award Webpage or contact Suzie Orr at