TO:               Executive Vice Presidents, Chancellors, Vice Presidents, Vice Chancellors, Vice Provosts, Deans, Directors and Heads of Schools, Divisions, Departments and Offices

FROM:           E. Daniel Hirleman, Chief Corporate & Global Partnerships Officer              

DATE:            January 20, 2015

SUBJECT:       New Process for Hosting International Visitors and Guests


Please disseminate this to all faculty and staff

Due to Federal Export Control Regulations and Purdue’s expanded relationship with the Department of Defense and its sub-agencies, the University is augmenting existing procedures to monitor international visitors on campus and enhance security of export-controlled information and items. 

A process has been developed to screen all international visitors who require formal invitation from Purdue to obtain a visa. The screening is a cross-check against U.S. Government lists and does not substitute for any other background check or visa review. This process will not affect 1) enrolled students or 2) employees of Purdue, but will apply to all other international visitors. Typically, these visitors come as guests or Visiting Scholars (as described in Policy C-12). Because of increased security requirements, international visitors who are either on or affiliated with an entity on a U.S. Government restricted party list will not be authorized to visit. It is important for faculty and other university officials who may be interested in inviting international visitors to campus to know of this limitation.

The process will be managed jointly by the office of International Students and Scholars (ISS) and the Export Control Team of the Office of Research and Partnerships. It will be a standardized web and e-mail system. ISS liaisons in each department will be trained to serve as primary points of contact for questions. To see the ISS Liaison for your department or school, click HERE.

Purdue personnel interested in hosting an international visitor will initiate the process as they do now. The Host will provide basic contact information for the international visitor to their ISS Liaison. The ISS Liaison will then enter that information into the automated system and the system will generate 2 emails: 

  1. Email to the Visitor – requests confirmation of the provided information and to seek additional information to allow for the screening.  (Date of Birth, Home Institution, etc.)
  2. Email to the Host – requests information regarding Visitor’s proposed location and duties while on campus.  There will also be questions related to the Host’s lab and other projects to make sure there aren’t increased security or export control concerns.

The emails will include links that will allow both the Visitor and Host to access the automated system to provide the information. This eliminates the need for multiple emails and phone calls. It also provides a more secure way of providing personal information. 

The responses from the Host and Visitor are both required before the process can go forward. Once the Host and the Visitor have responded, restricted party screening will be conducted, typically within 2 business days, and the ISS Liaison and Host will be informed of the result. If approved, the Invitation letter may be issued. In the event of a denial, the Export Control Team will inform the Host. 

Implementation will be in phases as the ISS liaisons are trained. The College of Engineering will begin immediately, and full campus-wide implementation will occur no later than March 1, 2015.

Questions related to the process can be directed to Mary Duarte Millsaps, Operations Manager and interim Export Control Officer of Research and Partnerships. (, or 4-0702).