TO:              Executive Vice Presidents, Chancellors, Vice Presidents, Vice Chancellors, Vice Provosts, Deans, Directors and Heads of Schools, Divisions, Departments and Offices

FROM:          Bill Sullivan, Treasurer and Chief Financial Officer

DATE:          January 14, 2015

SUBJECT:     Improvements to Concur


I am pleased to announce that changes to the Concur system will simplify and streamline the travel process, effective January 31.

Beginning on that date, travelers will no longer need to provide an estimate of expenses as part of their Trip Request. The ‘Expense Tab’ will be removed from the Trip Request. This modification will save about 10 minutes per Request and will eliminate the 20 percent variance of the Expense Report. The Trip Request remains a requirement of the travel process.

Further, travelers with authorized delegates who manage the Concur process on their behalf will no longer be required to take action beyond the initial submission of expense reports. Delegates may file any subsequent submissions. Travelers without delegates still will be required to submit subsequent expense reports as necessary.

The pre-trip notification structure also will be modified and will be sent only to the traveler, the traveler’s supervisor and the fiscal approver. All information still will be stored in Concur, but unnecessary notification emails will be eliminated.

The changes will take effect at the same time as planned improvements to Concur's user interface. These improvements will include a redesigned home page, expense page and approvals page. In addition, some streamlining and process changes will take effect in back-office processing. More information about the interface improvements can be found here.