TO:               Executive Vice Presidents, Chancellors, Vice Presidents, Vice Chancellors, Vice Provosts, Deans, Directors and Heads of Schools, Divisions, Departments and Offices

FROM:         Rob Wynkoop, Managing Director, Office of the CFO and Treasurer

DATE:          May 7, 2015

SUBJECT:    Fisher Scientific named strategic supplier of critical scientific and laboratory supplies


After strategic analysis and campus-wide review of Purdue’s satellite stores and scientific commodities, Purdue has entered into a contract with Fisher Scientific as the strategic partner in managing the University’s scientific stores and providing scientific supplies to meet the University's research and teaching lab needs.

This contract award resulted from a competitive procurement process overseen by a commodity advisory team consisting of representatives from the Department of Biochemistry, Department of Chemistry, College of Pharmacy, Department of Biological Sciences, Business Offices and Procurement. This team conducted a thorough analysis of Purdue's purchasing preferences and service requirements, as well as the scientific supplies market segment. 

Fisher soon will manage four satellite storerooms at the following locations on Purdue's West Lafayette campus: Biochemistry Building, Lilly Hall, Heine Pharmacy Building and Wetherill Laboratory of Chemistry.

On April 6, Fisher began a 12-week implementation to upgrade the storeroom operations. Six Purdue employees affected by this transition have been offered positions with Fisher. Among several new programs designed to benefit Purdue customers, Purdue and Fisher are collaborating on a convenient, updated point-of-sale experience at the storerooms, and Fisher also will be piloting a Chemical Archive program in the chemistry storeroom area. The chemical archive will allow researchers who only use a small portion of chemicals to return unused materials to storerooms for further use and minimizing waste when possible. The archive program also includes container tracking, reporting, and a central chemical library.

The review of the scientific supply commodity began in March 2014, and this 12-month project results in improved inventory management and availability of scientific products. The partnership eliminates the 13.5 percent markup on products purchased through the stores. Customers will continue to enjoy free freight and significant package discounts on new lab startups. The partnership will offer streamlined purchasing, improved operation of the satellite stores, and consistent pricing which will result in direct cost savings to the departments and Purdue. Savings also will be achieved by consolidating volume with a primary supplier. By making Fisher the first stop for scientific supply needs, faculty and staff will achieve savings that benefit their grants, contracts or University-supported activities.

What customers need to know now:

 The new Fisher arrangement will be announced to the full West Lafayette campus in the Friday, May 8, issue of Purdue Today.

 Thank you for your cooperation.