To:           Vice Presidents, Vice Provosts, Chancellors, Deans, Directors, and Heads of Schools, Divisions, Departments and Offices

From:       Bill Sullivan, Treasurer and Chief Financial Officer

Date:        January 29, 2015

Re:           Changes within the Office of the Treasurer


I would like to inform you about some structural changes that have been made within the Treasurer’s organization, effective January 1, 2015.

As I assessed our administrative functions after my first six months on the job, I decided to make some changes in reporting responsibilities, driven principally by a desire to:

  1. Create a structure that will eliminate some silos and reflect a "one-team culture", a culture that is focused on transparency, efficiency, cost-effectiveness, fun and impact;
  2. Build upon some of the excellent programs in place in various groups, by consolidating overlapping programs, while expanding participation to a broader group of people within  the administrative organization; and
  3. Personally spend more of my time with our Business Management, Accounting and Financial Planning personnel in order to focus intently on changes that need to be made in our financial reporting and budgeting process.

Exhibit A,, to this memo depicts the newly designed Office of the Treasurer organization.  Structurally, Jim Almond and I will be working together to manage all functions depicted in the chart.

The five most significant changes from our prior organization are as follows:

      1.  The unit name Business Services will be eliminated.
                a.  Accounting, Business Management and the newly constituted and expanded Financial Planning & Analysis group will report directly to me.
                b.  Treasury will continue to report to Jim Almond, and Denise Laussade will focus her full time on the Treasury operations.
      2.  Connie Lapinskas will move to the Provost’s Office to work directly with Deba on reviewing, analyzing and managing various initiatives for the Provost.
      3.  The Office of University Sustainability, led by Michael Gulich, will become part of Physical Facilities under Mike Cline.
      4.  Sponsored Program Services, led by Ken Sandel, will report directly to Jim Almond.
      5.  Our Procurement function will move under Rob Wynkoop, together with his existing Service Enterprises functions.

In summary, the areas reporting directly to me and their leadership are:

* Accounting -- Kendra Cooks
* Business Management -- Chris Martin
* Environmental Health and Public Safety -- Carol Shelby
* Financial Planning and Analysis (formerly Budget and Fiscal Planning) -- Melissa Johnson
* Human Resources -- Trent Klingerman (interim)
* Internal Audit -- Peggy Fish
* Physical Facilities -- Mike Cline (now includes Office of Sustainability)
* Service Enterprises and Procurement -- Rob Wynkoop
* Supplier Diversity Development -- Jesse Moore

Areas reporting either directly or on a dual reporting line to Jim Almond and their leadership are:

* Sponsored Program Services -- Ken Sandel

* Treasury Operations -- Denise Laussade

* Foundation and Investments –

* Intercollegiate Athletics -- Barb Kapp
* Regional Campuses –

I am excited to continue my work with Jim and our team as we move forward with these changes in place.  We sincerely hope that we can build the “one-team culture” that I envision, and in that process streamline our operations and provide impactful benefits to the overall University.