To:           Vice Presidents, Vice Provosts, Chancellors, Deans, Directors and Heads of Schools, Divisions, Departments, Offices, Faculty and Staff

From:       Daniel Hasler
                President and Chief Entrepreneurial Officer, Purdue Research Foundation
                Interim Managing Director, Purdue Office of Technology Commercialization

Date:        July 31, 2014

Re:           Purdue innovators now have 24/7 online access to track their patent applications

As a world-renowned research institution, Purdue University is privileged to have a wealth of gifted innovators conducting life-changing research on its campuses. We recognize and appreciate the time, talent and resources required of Purdue researchers as they move their innovations through technology commercialization and to the public. The Office of Technology Commercialization (OTC) is working to make the disclosure and transfer of technologies from the university to the public as transparent and seamless as possible.

Transparency between OTC and Purdue innovators is one of our highest goals and we continually seek new ways to foster strong communication among all of us.

To that end and based on recent feedback from faculty, we are opening the intellectual property online database used to file disclosures, called Sophia: Knowledge Management System, to 24/7 availability to Purdue researchers. This will allow researchers at their leisure to track in real-time the progress of their innovations and patents at their convenience.

To access the Sophia online database, visit: Click on the gold hyperlink below the purple login box that says Purdue Inventors: Click Here. This will take visitors to the secure Purdue portal for logging into the database. To ensure security for each innovator, Purdue visitors can access the program through their career account credentials. Once Purdue visitors have logged in, they will be taken to the Inventor Home Page. For assistance, contact

Key features about "Sophia: Knowledge Management System"

We are committed to encouraging and supporting Purdue innovators who are interested in moving their innovations to the public. We hope you will find the 24/7 availability of the Sophia online database helpful.