TO:           Vice Presidents, Vice Provosts, Chancellors, Deans, Directors and Heads of Schools, Divisions, Departments, Offices, Faculty and Staff

FROM:     Julie Griffith, Vice President for Public Affairs

DATE:      July 31, 2014

RE:           Launch of the NEW website on Monday, August 4


As many of you may know from the several Purdue Today stories that have run this spring and summer and the meetings we have had with you, a new, fresh design for our website’s home page and top-level pages will launch this coming Monday, Aug. 4, between 7 a.m. and 8 a.m. EDT.  The “new” website features: 

The centerpiece of the re-design is the new home page that provides users with quick links to new landing pages.  The new home page presents desired information quickly and more efficiently.  You can preview and try out the new site at this test link.

The audience-focused re-design is the result of months of work by Purdue’s Digital Marketing team in collaboration with stakeholders from administration, the schools, colleges and non-academic units, as well as external businesses, suppliers and partners.  Informal focus groups and usability studies were also conducted with selected students, faculty and staff.

While Monday’s launch is only focused on the top-level pages, the rest of the website will continue to be conformed to the new design with additional phase-ins this fall and through the end of the year.  Additionally, design templates have been provided to the academic and non-academic units to conform their sites to the new design, and several already have.

With more than 40 million visits to our website each year, I congratulate our Digital Marketing team and thank all of the University and external stakeholders who helped us get to this point.  The redesign of not only captures the intent, but also the spirit of our key Purdue Moves initiatives to differentiate ourselves by broadening our global footprint and increasing the value of higher education for more students.

If you have any questions or comments about the new website or need any assistance following Monday’s launch, please send a message to