TO:           Executive Vice Presidents, Chancellors, Vice Presidents, Vice Chancellors, Vice Provosts, Deans, Directors and Heads of Schools, Divisions, Departments and Offices

From:       Dr. Gerard McCartney, System CIO and Vice President for Information Technology

Date:        August 27, 2014

Re:           Dawn or Doom:  The New Technology Explosion


On Thursday, September 18, OVPIT and Convos are sponsoring an afternoon-long examination of the role of technology in society, called "Dawn or Doom: the new technology explosion."

For administrative and professional staff, "Dawn or Doom" is a professional development opportunity which will help them have a broader understanding of the technologies we use or will soon be using. Of course, AP staff and other employees should get approval from their supervisor before attending.

Among the topics to be discussed are artificial intelligence, robotics, genetic engineering, nanotechnology, and privacy and security in the era of ubiquitous microprocessors, as well as the ethical, philosophical, and psychological issues associated with each of these topics.

You and your colleagues can register for the conference either via the website at or via the conference mobile apps, which are available for both Apple iOS and Android phones.

I am looking forward to a great day of discussion, and to seeing you there.