To:                Vice Presidents, Vice Provosts, Chancellors, Vice Chancellors, Deans, Directors and Heads of Schools, Divisions, Departments and Offices

From:            A. Dale Whittaker, Vice Provost for Undergraduate Academic Affairs

Date:             June 30, 2014

Subject:        Creating a new organization


Beginning on July 1, 2014, three administrative units – Undergraduate Academic Affairs, Student Affairs, and Housing and Food Services – will come together as one division focused on the personal, professional and intellectual growth of Purdue students. The new student-centered division will be called Student Academic Affairs.

This organization ensures a more direct and positive impact on the quality of education at Purdue, reduces confusion for students and the campus community, and creates greater operational efficiencies.

We believe that nearly every experience at Purdue can be a valuable learning opportunity, both within and outside of the classroom. This “seamless learning” environment is reflected in the intentional merging of the administration of our students’ academic, residential and co-curricular lives under a single division.

The Student Academic Affairs division will be made up of six areas that will collaborate with each other under the leadership of the provost’s office, originally intended to report to me. As you may know, I will be leaving Purdue to pursue other opportunities on August 1. Provost Dutta will be naming an interim Vice Provost in the near future until my position can be filled permanently.

The six areas and leadership that will make up the Student Academic Affairs division are: 

Attached is a chart indicating where each unit, program or initiative will reside in the new organization, as well as answers to some questions. The new structure came from much discussion and reflection by a committee appointed by President Daniels. Early drafts of the organization were shared with employees in two forums and their feedback was very helpful to the process. The committee members are: 

All of us understand that changing times can be anxious times and we want to make this transition as smooth as we can. The individuals who are leading the six units are outstanding professionals and the new organization is in good hands. The teams will learn the benefits of the new organization together and, as elements need to be fine-tuned, they will be. Employees within the Student Academic Affairs division have been notified of the changes. They will be meeting with their leaders in the coming days and weeks to work out transition details. In the meantime, we expect them to continue to do the work they are currently doing.

A general announcement will run in Purdue Today on Thursday, July 3.

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