TO:            Executive Vice Presidents, Chancellors, Vice Presidents, Vice Chancellors, Vice Provosts, Deans, Directors and Heads of Schools, Divisions, Departments and Offices

FROM:      President Mitch Daniels & Purdue United Way Chair Leah Jamieson

DATE:       September 8, 2014

RE:           Campus-wide Casual Days for United Way


We are excited to announce a special incentive for our Purdue United Way Campaign this year.

We will have campus-wide “Casual Day for United Way” to help raise money for the community’s United Way organizations. Staff who donate just $5 to United Way may dress casually on 10 special days between the launch of the campaign on September 11 and the campaign close on November 20.  We hope people who may not have participated in the United Way campaign in the past will take this opportunity to donate to United Way and also to enjoy the opportunity to “dress casual for a cause”! 

The Casual Days for United Way will be the following:

Staff (and faculty who wish to show their support, no matter how casually they dress every day) earn the “Casual Day for United Way” sticker by donating at least $5 to United Way, separately from — and, we hope, in addition to — their annual pledge. Each department’s United Way representative will handle the process of collecting these donations and issuing the sticker. The sticker can be worn with casual attire on all 10 casual days during the campaign[1].

As always, our more than 3,000 Purdue United Way donors should use their personalized pledge cards to give their annual gift.  Pledge cards should be turned in with the return envelope provided and are, as always, completely confidential.  

Thank you for supporting our community!


Mitch and Leah

[1] As always staff should be advised to dress appropriately — for example, if they have a professional meeting with a client or outside stakeholder — on these days.  Clothing should always be neat, without holes and appropriate to represent the University in a professional manner.