To:        Executive Vice Presidents, Chancellors, Vice Presidents, Vice Chancellors, Vice Provosts, Deans, Directors and Heads of Schools, Divisions,
             Departments and Offices

From:    Luis E. Lewin, Vice President for Human Resources

Date:     October 9, 2014

Re:        Bravo Award Program

I am pleased to announce that the 2013-14 Bravo Award program was a success. Seven hundred sixty-nine awards were processed, at a value of $389,275, rewarding the outstanding work of our faculty and staff. While the first year of the pilot was successful, you will note there are opportunities for improvement. We plan to extend the pilot for a second year to allow for further evaluation.

Bravo 2014-15 Plan Year

The changes being implemented pertain to program administration and reinforcing the objective to reward significant results-oriented achievements. The majority of feedback received suggested amending the program for easier administration. Based on this feedback, we are making the following changes for the 2014-15 program year:

We will forward new program summary documents for review/signature through DFAs as we work with them to calculate funding limits for the 2014-15 year for the units with a program summary on file in Compensation. If you did not participate in Bravo during the 2013-14 pilot year and would like to do so for the 2014-15 program year, please contact for assistance. A similar analysis will be completed after the 2014-15 plan year; however, we will continue to work on exploring additional enhancements throughout the remainder of this fiscal year. Comments or concerns about Bravo may be directed to Darrel Castricone at (765) 494-7389 or, or me.

Thank you all for your continued support of this important initiative!