DATE:   January 8, 2014


TO:         Chancellors, Vice Presidents, Vice Provosts, Deans, Directors, and Heads of Schools

                Divisions, Departments and Offices


FROM:  Elizabeth M. Duket, Co-Chairman, Ross & Roberts Scholarships Award Committee


RE:         A Call for Nominations for the Outstanding Senior Man and Woman



The identification of the Flora Roberts and G. A. Ross recipients for 2014 begins with the call for nominations.  This is your invitation to submit nominations.  These are two highly prestigious awards that are critically dependent on the nominations from faculty or departmental staff.  Faculty and departmental assessments of student achievement consistent with the criteria for the awards assure the quality envisioned by Flora Roberts and G. A. Ross.


                The Flora Roberts Award and the G. A. Ross Award will be presented to graduating seniors who have attained a minimum of a 3.0 graduation index and who best exemplify the characteristics established by the awards.  (“Graduating” can be interpreted as anyone who graduated in December 2013, or who will graduate in May 2014, or August 2014.)  Other criteria to be considered for the awards are: Scholarship (which can include measures beyond the required 3.0 GRD index, such as research, publications, etc.), Leadership, Service (to campus or community), and Character.  The recipients of these awards will receive: a bronze-plated medal, a certificate, a check for $1000, and each will have his or her name inscribed on the award marker located on the Purdue Mall.


                We have found that the more detailed and extensive nomination packets tend to receive the highest number of points.  We suggest that in order to ease your burden of investigation, that you may wish to inform the student/or group of students that they are likely to be nominated for awards.  (Please don’t mention the Ross or Roberts Award by name.  Traditionally, it is a surprise – and a very exciting one at that!  Ask him/her to provide a detailed list of honors, accomplishments and activities - a resume format would work).  It also saves time for you to enlist their assistance in listing the names and contact information of other faculty members or advisors who have worked with the nominee and might be willing to write letters to support their nomination.


                A committee composed of student peers and 2 representatives of the Office of the Dean of Students select the recipients of the Flora Roberts and G. A. Ross Awards from these nominations submitted by faculty and staff.


                Please feel free to copy this information to share with faculty members in your area.  I have attached the two nomination forms for your use.  These documents can be mailed as a packet by the nominator or sent directly by individuals writing letters of support to: Elizabeth  M. Duket, Counselor, Office of the Dean of Students, Schleman Hall-Room 207 or electronically to  no later than February 6, 2014. 


                The awards will be presented at the SAO Awards Convocation on April 22, 2014.  The individuals who nominate the award recipients and the Dean of the Colleges in which the recipients are enrolled will be notified prior to the date of the SAO Awards Convocation.


                Thank you for your assistance.