Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Personal Protective Equipment for Laboratories

While working with hazardous chemicals in campus laboratories, the following minimum personal protective equipment (PPE) is required to be worn at all times:

  • Safety glasses or splash goggles
  • Lab coat or equivalent (aprons, scrubs, coveralls, etc.)
  • Chemical-resistant gloves appropriate for the hazard. For information regarding glove types, refer to the Glove Selection Guide
  • Long pants or equivalent (provides protection to the ankles)
  • Closed toe shoes (closed at the heel and toe, no flip flops or sandals)

Figure 1 below illustrates these requirements. Some laboratory operations and procedures may warrant further PPE, as indicated by the Safety Data Sheet, the Standard Operating Procedure for the chemical(s) being used, laboratory or departmental policies, or regulatory requirements.

Appropriate PPE for the Laboratory includes safety glasses or goggles; a lab coat; a chemical resistant gloves; long pants; and closed toed shoes.
Figure 1 – Appropriate PPE for the Laboratory