Manual Material Handling

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What is Manual Material Handling? 

Manual material handling is the moving of objects unaided by mechanical devices.  Manual material handling include activities like pushing, pulling, carrying, lifting, and lowering. At Purdue University, manual material handling is a leading cause of occupational injuries. The average cost of of this type injury is $1937.

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The goal of the Purdue University Preventative Injury Program is to minimize number of manual material handling injuries by educating Purdue employees on manual material handling risk-factors and control solutions.

Training and Workshops

  1. Manual Material Handling Supervisor Workshop

Practical workshop with hands-on learning activities especially designed for supervisors. Why did the employee get injured? How to recognize existing and potential risk-factors for manual material handling?  What is the supervisory role in the preventative injury process? What engineering or administrative control are available to minimize manual material handling risk-factors?

  1. Manual Material Handling Employee Workshop

Hands-on learning workshop concentrating on body mechanics. Why do injuries result from employees performing manual material handling tasks? Do female and male employees have different abilities? What should employees do to avoid manual material handling injuries?

  1. Push-Pull In-Depth Workshop

The Push-Pull In-Depth Workshop is designed to help employees understand factors and forces that affect pushing and pulling activities and potentially lead to injuries. The goal of the workshop is to teach employees how to minimize their chance for injury when involved with pushing and pulling activities.

  1. Lifting and Lowering Workshop

It is not “Proper Lifting Techniques” training. It’s a workshop on risk-factors associated with lifting and lowering . The more you learn about risk-factors, the more you become aware of how to correct bad work habits and techniques to avoid an injury when lifting or lowering.

  1. Low Back Injuries

The number one injury caused by manual material handling is low back injury. What particular activities lead to low back pain? What types of low back pain are there? This Informative training is a good addition to other manual material handling workshops.

  1. Optimizing Supervisory  Response to Work Injuries

(Under development)

Request a Workshop

If you have any questions or would like to request a workshop or training for your department contact Kristi Evans.

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