Injury Prevention

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In May 2009, REM and Staff Benefits began a new program to proactively prevent workplace injuries. Since then, REM has been developing and implementing Purdue University Preventative Injury Program.

Important elements of the Purdue University Preventative Injury Program include:

  • The development of the Injury Prevention web pages as an online resource for occupational injuries and injury reduction information for Purdue University employees
  • Addressing manual material handling injuries at Purdue University through an employee educational campaign
  • Addressing slip, trip, and fall injuries at Purdue University through engaging the campus community about the process of recognizing and reporting surface hazards
  • Opening the Labor Ergonomic Laboratory as an interactive arena for supervisors, employees, and students whose professional responsibilities and/or interests lay in the industrial (labor) ergonomics field.

Contact Information:

Kristi Evans - Purdue University Preventative Injury Program