Early Reporting of Signs and Symptoms

It is important to recognize and report early signs and symptoms of work-related injuries and illnesses.Many work-related injuries and illnesses occur due to repetitive motions over a prolonged period of time. Such injuries are called work-related musculoskeletal injuries and can be prevented in the early stages. Whether it is entering data into a computer, using hand tools, or scrubbing floors if an employee is using repetitive motion over a prolonged period of time it is possible they may develop a work-related musculoskeletal illness.

If you experience pain and discomfort and believe that this is work-related, please fill out a self-assessment survey and contact REM. A REM Occupational Safety Specialist will schedule a visit to your workstation to:

  • Evaluate your workplace
  • Suggest proper ergonomic adjustments to your existing equipment
  • Consult on ergonomically correct work techniques
  • Recommend occupational medical evaluation or treatment if it is needed.  

Self-Assessment Surveys:

Contact Information:

Kristi Evans - Purdue University Preventative Injury Program