Autoclave Testing

Autoclave users can now have the effectiveness of their disinfection process verified. This service (upon request) is provided by REM. Steam autoclaves (250F gravity or 270F pre-vacuum) are tested by using ATI Biological Indicator Kits. These kits consist of a self contained packet that is cycled through the autoclave checking both temperature and sterilization.

Testing Procedure

  1. Request an autoclave test by contacting Robert Golden.
  2. REM delivers the test pack with instructions.
  3. The test pack is cycled through the autoclave by the on site employee.
  4. REM picks up the test pack with-in two hours after cycling.
  5. The pack is opened by REM and the steam temperature indicator results are noted.
  6. The biological indicator vial is placed in the incubator and checked for growth after 24 and 48 hours.
  7. Results are sent to the contact person at the location.
  8. Unsatisfactory results will need to be followed-up by the users. This is done by contacting the Physical Facilities Work Control Center, (765) 494-9999, or by contacting the autoclave service provider.

If you have any questions concerning autoclave testing contact Robert Golden.