Lead Awareness Information

Question: What is Lead?
Answer: A heavy silver gray metal that is highly ductile.

Question: Where might I encounter Lead-containing materials while working at Purdue?
Answer: Lead is found in lead based paints, shower pans, copper pipe joints.

Question: Why should I be concerned about lead?
Answer: When lead-containing dust is inhaled or ingested the dust is absorbed into the body. If enough dust is ingested or inhaled it can make you ill.

Question: Will having Lead-containing materials in my work area hurt me?
Answer: Only if I conduct work operations that generate dust or fumes from the lead-containing material or you handle lead or lead containing material and do not wash your hands before eating or smoking a cigarette.

Question: What should I do if I have to work with or on a material that I suspect may contain lead?
Answer: Contact your foreman or supervisor.  He/she will contact Radiological and Environmental Management and request that a sample of the material be analyzed for Lead.

Question: What should I do if my intended work operation is going to disturb Lead-containing materials?
Answer: Contact your foreman or supervisor.  He/she will then contact the Environmental Control and Abatement Department and the Asbestos Coordinator.  They will then have the Lead-containing materials removed in a safe manner using properly trained and protected personnel.

Question: What types of work practices might cause me to be over exposed to Lead?
Answer: Sanding or grinding lead-containing paint. Welding or torch cutting on lead-containing paint.

Question: Who can I call regarding questions about Lead?
Answer: Radiological and Environmental Management at 496-1937 or 494-9227.