Alcohol Student Awareness Program (ASAP)

The Purdue Police Department has created its Alcohol Student Awareness Program (ASAP) with the mission statement "Get there ASAP." The educational program Get There Safe & Sober, includes special presentations regarding the dangers of alcohol consumption.

With the proper knowledge, you may help prevent an alcohol-related tragedy by knowing when to dissuade someone from driving, by not committing an alcohol related criminal act yourself (such as driving while intoxicated) or by knowing what to do in the event of a potential alcohol-poisoning situation.

The ASAP program also utilizes a specially designed, fully marked police car; a 1999 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am, to attract the attention of individuals around campus and to promote alcohol awareness. The Trans Am also serves for a variety of high profile appearances in parades and other outreach events.

ASAP Scheduled Events

Officers give ASAP presentations to various Purdue audiences as well as to community groups.

For more information about ASAP e-mail or click here to initiate the scheduling process.

Visit Purdue's Alcohol Awareness Web site.