Thieves frequently target campuses and surrounding areas because so many students and employees carelessly leave doors unlocked and valuables unprotected. As with crimes against the person, your best defense against thieves is vigilance. Recognize that danger exists and take precautions.

Suggestions for warding off theft:

  • Keep your doors and windows locked.
  • Don’t hide your spare key outside your apartment.Don’t lend your key to anyone.
  • Don’t keep your ID card on your key ring.
  • Don’t keep large amounts of money in your room or apartment.
  • Keep money in a bank or in your residence hall’s lock box.
  • Don’t advertise that you aren’t home by letting mail or newspapers accumulate on your doorstep or by recording a revealing message on your answering machine.
  • Ask friends not to leave messages on your door.
  • Don’t leave valuables unattended.Keep your checkbook, jewelry, and cash in a locked drawer.
  • Engrave your driver’s license number and ID number on valuable possessions.
  • Make a list of your valuable possessions including make, model, serial number, and description.
  • Keep one copy in a safe place and another with your insurance papers.
  • Ask service or repair persons to show their identification before admitting them to your room or apartment.
  • Never reveal your calling card number or automatic teller machine number to anyone.
  • Lock your bicycle with a sturdy lock, weaving it through frame, spokes, and rack.
  • Register your bicycle with the Purdue University Police Department.
  • Always lock your car.
  • Don’t leave valuables inside.
  • Don’t leave laundry unattended in laundry rooms.
  • Don’t lend your credit cards to anyone.
  • Keep a list of your cards and their numbers with your insurance papers.
  • Maintain adequate insurance coverage.
  • Report thefts to the police at once.