Muggings, robberies, and other violent crimes may occur at any time. Your best defense is to remain alert at all times and aware of the possibility that a crime could occur. If you are attacked, notify the police at once.

Some suggestions for minimizing your chances of being a victim:

  • Never walk or jog alone, especially during the evening or early morning hours. Even if you are walking just a short distance, call a friend to accompany you or contact the Purdue Student Security Patrol at (765) 494-SAFE (7233).
  • When you walk at night, select well-lit areas where other people are present. Avoid alleys and back streets. Don’t walk next to dense shrubbery or in other places where an attacker could hide.
  • Never hitchhike.
  • Always have your keys in hand as you approach the door to your residence or car. You will be less vulnerable because you can get inside quicker.
  • Carry a whistle for summoning help.
  • Before you go anywhere, let your friends and family know when you will return. Work out a system so that friends will notify the police if you do not return within a specified time.
  • Stay with your group at parties. Many attacks have occurred after friends were persuaded to leave because the victim said, "Go on without me. I’ll be fine."
  • Keep windows, screens, and doors locked at all times. Keep drapes closed so anyone outside cannot see inside.
  • Report any suspicious person to the police.