Zachary's Law

In 1994, Indiana adopted a law that requires offenders convicted of certain child sexual assault offenses to register with all local law enforcement authorities in the communities where they live for 10 years following their release from custody, probation, or parole. The law is known as Zachary’s Law in honor of Zachary Snider, a 10-year-old victim from Cloverdale who was murdered by a convicted child molester living nearby.

The law also directs the Indiana Criminal Justice Institute to compile a statewide registry containing information regarding certain convicted child sexual assault offenders. Information in the statewide registry is available beginning with January 1995 and is updated at least every six months.

Under Zachary's Law, an offender’s duty to register expires 10 years after the date the offender is released from prison or any other facility operated by the department of correction, is placed on parole, or is placed on probation – whichever occurs last. Sexual predators must register annually until released by the court.

The law also:

  • Requires that criminal record information be sent, within three days after an offender’s release from a correctional facility, to the Indiana State Police, who must then forward it to the FBI.
  • Enables courts to designate certain offenders as sexually violent predators. Those offenders must verify their address each 90 days and register with local police indefinitely.
  • Requires all other offenders who are required to register to verify their addresses with local law enforcement agencies annually. They must register their addresses for 10 years after their release from prison and remain indefinitely on the master list.
  • Prohibits a covered offender from seeking to change his or her name. If a name change occurs as a result of marriage, the offender must notify the Indiana Criminal Justice Institute.

The state Criminal Justice Institute sends its list of offenders to all libraries, public and private schools, and child care centers as well as to police agencies. To access the Indiana registry, click here.

For more information nationwide, click here.