Utility Failure

The West Lafayette Campus has a utility system more complex than some cities and communities. The possibility exists for a utility system failure of some nature and magnitude.

If you discover a water leak, gas leak, or other major utility failure, call the Purdue Police Department by dialing 911. Do not attempt to correct the problem on your own. The police will notify the necessary maintenance personnel, cleanup crews, and insurance representatives. Please do not call the Police Department for information concerning a utility failure unless you have an emergency.

For non-emergency repairs or information, call the Physical Facilities Work Control Center at 494-9999.

Electrical/Light Failure

At present, some buildings may not be equipped with emergency lighting, or the emergency lighting may not provide sufficient illumination for safe exiting. It is recommended that you consider keeping a flashlight and a portable radio in your office/work area. Do not call the Purdue Police Department unless you have an emergency or you have information that could help identify the source of the utility failure.

Plumbing Failure/Flood/Water Leak

Cease using all electrical equipment. Call the Purdue Police Department if you know the source of the leak or discover leaking water.

Natural Gas Leak

Cease all operations, call the Purdue Police Department, and exit the area immediately. Do not attempt to correct the problem yourself. Do not concern yourself with appliances or equipment. Leave the area immediately.