Fire Safety Prevention

The following points may help you prevent a fire from occuring in your area.

1. Only use appliances which bear a listing agency label. (i.e., UL or FM)
2. Candles & other open flame devices should never be placed in offices or rooms.
3. Unplug small appliances when they are not in use.
4. Keep heat producing appliances away from combustible materials.
5. Food being cooked should never be left unattended.
6. Exercise caution in the use of flammable & combustible liquids.
7. Know the charateristics of all chemicals with which you work.
8. Place trash & recyclables in the appropriate containers.
9. Never block fire doors to stairwells in the open postion.
10. Keep exit paths clear. Boxes, furniture, and equipment shall not be placed in corridors.
11. If you must smoke, do so in a designated area and dispose of cigarettes properly.