Electrical/Light Failure

At present, some buildings may not be equipped with emergency lighting or the emergency lighting may not provide sufficient illumination for safe exiting. It is recommended that you consider keeping a flashlight and a portable radio in your office/work area. Check the batteries on a monthly basis.

Plumbing Failure/Flood/Water Leak

Cease using all electrical equipment. Call the Physical Facilities -- Work Request Center at 494-9999; after hours call 494-8221(Purdue Dispatch Center).

Natural Gas Leak

Cease all operations, exit the area immediately, and call the Purdue Dispatch Center at 494-8221. Do not attempt to correct the problem yourself. Do not concern yourself with appliances or equipment. Leave the area immediately.

If you discover a major water leak, gas leak, or other major utility failure, take the following action:

  1. Call 911.
  2. Give the building name, floor, room number, and nature of the problem.
  3. Provide the name of a person to contact and their phone number.
  4. Do not attempt to correct the problem on your own. Purdue Dispatch Center personnel will notify the necessary emergency, maintenance personnel, clean up, and insurance representatives.
  5. For all non-emergency situations, call the Work Request Center at 494-9999.

Elevator Malfunction

If you become trapped in an elevator, use the emergency telephone or activate the elevator emergency bell within the elevator car.

If you are not inside the elevator but hear an elevator bell, please take the following actions. (Most elevators on campus are equipped with an emergency telephone.)

  1. Call 911
  2. Give the emergency dispatcher the following information:
    1. Name of the building
    2. Location within the building of malfunctioning elevator
    3. Where the car is stopped, if known
    4. Whether a medical emergency exists
  3. Before you hang up, make sure the dispatcher has all the information they need.

Elevators have mechanical safety brakes that will operate in all situations, even during power failures. Try and keep the occupants calm and wait for help to arrive.

Call 911