Student Leaders / Team Members / Faculty Advisors / Additional Mentors / Alumni

The EcoMakers are an international, diverse team of undergraduate and graduates, faculty advisors and additional university mentors across various schools at Purdue University.

Student Leaders

Adam Fogarty: Adam is a co-team leader. He is responsible for installation of the electric motor into rear axle of vehicle, high voltage battery pack storage design and integration, integration of power electronics into rear of vehicle, design of custom rear axle sub frame,and design and integration of rear drivetrain thermal management system.
Haotian Wu: As a co-team leader, Haotian works with Controls and CAN system and is a Ph.D student in Mechanical Engineering of Technology focusing on powertrain design and control sytem integration. He has a strong background in vehicle engineering and various industrial-university joint research experience.
Ashish Vora: Ashish is the technical team lead for the EcoMakers and is pursuing a PhD. in Mechanical Engineering focusing on automotive powertrain control.
Josh Baird:Currently resides as Front Drivetrain team lead for the EcoMakers and is pursuing a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Technology.
Bilwa Jadhav: Bilwa is working as the electrical team lead and focusing on overall HV integration and simulation. She finished her undergrad in '12 with a degree in Electronics and Telecomm and is currently pursuing her Master's in Mechanical Engineering. She has spent time as an intern with ABO - Power Electronics Global Design Centre of Cummins India Limited.
Lauren Berghoff: In her first year with the team, Lauren stands as one of the Communication Co-Managers working exclusively with event coordination and media relations. Lauren brings a personable presence with high energy to the team. Her past experience includes time spent working in Public Relations in Los Angeles, California.
Joseph Maddy: Joe studies Organizational Leadership and Supervision and works as apart of the EcoMaker Business Team. In particular, Joe focuses on sponsors relations and risk analysis. In his second year with the team, Joe has established himself as a real leadership presence and continues to build campus relations here at Purdue University.

Team Members

First Last Major
Aaron Woodard MET
Kevin Oswald ME
Xianan Huang ME
Adhiraj Mathur MET
Hanlin Cheng MET
Nathan Smart ME
Hebing Han ME
Chenhao Ma ME

Faculty Advisors

Peter Meckl: Professor of Mechanical Engineering, PI for Purdue EcoCar2 project,overseeing work in power train controls and diagnostics.
Gregory Shaver: Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering, leading engine control and overall mechanical systems.
Oleg Wasynczuk: Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering, advising the team on power electronics and the electric motor and controller.
Haiyan (Henry) H. Zhang: Associate Professor of mechanical engineering technology, overseeing the modeling and simulation and work on the vehicle's transmission.
Eric Dietz, Associate Professor of Computer and Information Technology, leading work on batteries and computer and information systems

Faculty Advisor Emeritus

Vahid Motevalli:Served as the Principal Investigator and lead faculty advisor for the Purdue EcoCar 2 team from the selection in April of 2011 until August of 2013 when he joined the Tennessee Tech University as the Associate Dean for Research and Innovation in the College of Engineering.

Additional Mentors

Galen King: Professor of Mechanical Engineering
Maryam Seedifard: Assistant Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering


Yu Feng Hung:When with the Ecomakers,Yu helped the development of the plant model of HIL for the EcoMakers. He also worked as a Research Assistant in MET with Dr. Zhang on hybrid electric vehicle powertrain architecture and transmission.
Whitney Belt:While at Purdue, Whitney served as an engineering GRA through EcoCar and as a research assistant. He served on the steering committee and led the Energy Storage System design as well as helped out with all of the other areas on the project.