As a part of EcoCAR 2, the project offers outreach opportunities to educate K-12 students and the community on the environmental benefits and importance of reducing dependence on fossil fuel and improving fuel efficiency in transportation. In addition, the Purdue EcoCAR 2 team aims to inspire youth to get interested in engineering, technology and the environmental sciences.

Planned Outreach Events (2012-2013)

Purdue Alternative Transportation Expo - October 24th, 2012
Ecomaker tailgate at OSU - October 20th, 2012

Past Outreach Events

International Motorsports Industry Show - 12/8/11 - 12/10/11
The EcoMakers exhibited at IMIS for three days. Read our blog post about it.

Prairie View Middle School 8th Grade Class
- 11/2011
Project Manager, Haley Moore, and Outreach Coordinator, Dylan Schmitter, presented to a group of 8th grade students from Prairie View Middle School about electric cars, transportations effect on the environment, and the exciting world of engineering/technology

Purdue Homecoming - 10/21/2011
Purdue EcoCar 2 team members displayed at the Purdue Homecoming fair, where alumni, students and families were exposed to a wide range of activities, organizations and schools. Displaying a Chevrolet Volt, we discussed the importance of advanced vehicle technology and how great of an experience EcoCAR 2 is.

South Shore Clean Cities Coalition 2012 Annual Meeting - February 14, 2012
Purdue College of Technology Vision Camp - March 22nd-24th, 2012
Purdue EcoCAR 2 Documentary Series 2012 - March 22nd, 29th and April 5th
Purdue SpringFest -
April 14th, 2012
Purdue TechWeek -
April 16th-20th, 2012
Earth Day - April 21st, 2012