Student Testing Accommodations


One aspect of reasonable accommodation is in the assessment of learning, with exam accommodations being the most common form. Examples of exam accommodations include, but are not limited to:

  • Providing extended time
  • Scheduling alternative testing times
  • Facilitating a student’s exam in a distraction-reduced environment

Purdue must ensure that students with disabilities have an equitable testing experience. If students are unable to take an exam due to disability-related reasons, they must be allowed to take the same or equitable exam at a different time. It is not equitable to deny a student the opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge of course content, nor is it equitable to redistribute the weight of the missed exam to a different exam.

Accommodated exams should also be scheduled around student other academic pursuits. Accommodated exam times and dates may need to be adjusted to prevent students from missing class or components of other courses.


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