Day of Exam

Students should double check the location of their exam prior to arriving at the DRC Testing Center. DRC Testing uses other locations across campus as needed and will change the location in the Student Accommodation Portal.  The main DRC Testing Center location is now STEW G59. 

Check-in Process

To check in for an exam, students will need the following items:

  • PUID (required for all testing appointments)
  • Pens/pencils, erasers, rulers, calculators, etc.* 
  • Any materials students are allowed to use on their exam as specified by their instructor and/or accommodations

* DRC Testing Center will not provide writing utensils or calculators. Students must bring their own supplies.

Students will be asked to place all of their electronics (i.e. cell phone, smart watch, etc.) into an envelope and turn them in to the Proctor prior to receiving their exam. If students have any questions during their exam or they feel as though their accommodation is not being met, they are asked to inform the DRC Testing Staff immediately.

Student Expectations

Breaks: Students are expected to treat breaks as they would in most classrooms. Bathroom breaks will not be allowed unless specified otherwise. If students have concerns about breaks during examinations, they may contact their access consultant.

Food and Drink: There will be NO FOOD OR DRINKS allowed during exams. This includes water bottles. If a student has an accommodation that allows food or drink during testing, they need to notify the proctor and may access their food or drink by the check-in desk.

Keeping Time During an Exam: Clocks will available on the walls in the exam rooms to keep track of the exam time. There will not be clocks at each individual seat. If a student feels the need to keep time at their seat, they may wear a non-smart watch that does not make noise. Their watch must be approved by the proctor in order to take it into the exam room. Official time of the exam will be ket by DRC Testing staff.

Personal Belongings: With the Disability Resource Center (DRC) Testing Center moving to G59 Stewart during the summer of 2020, we no longer have lockers as an option to store bulky belongings during an exam. All other items (hats, purses, scarves, hoodies, etc.) will need to be stored in a bag provided to the student upon their arrival to the Testing Center.  These bags are sized to fit under their testing station during their exam time.

In an effort to support the Protect Purdue Pledge, we are asking students not to bring additional items other than what is required for their exam to the Testing Center.

We understand that students may be taking exams in-between classes and may have backpacks. In this case, they will need to store them in one of the bags provided by the DRC Testing Center staff.

If a student is seen reaching into the provided bag during an exam, they are at risk of having their exam terminated as a possible breach of academic integrity. Students will continue to turn in their cell phones and smart watches to the proctor at the time of check-in as has been the procedure in the past.

Exam Start Time: Students should arrive within 10 minutes of receiving the text message that their seat is ready. The exam start time will begin even if the student is not in their seats unless stated otherwise by DRC Testing staff. Students arriving late are at risk of not being able to take their exam.

PUID: Students are required to present their PUID to check-in for each exam. No other form of ID will be accepted and students will be at risk of not being able to take their exam without their PUID.

Scantrons: All scantrons must be completed within the allotted exam time. If students have an accommodation that requires DRC Testing staff to fill out their scantron, the student must inform the proctors at time of turning in their exam. Failure to do so may result in a scantron not being filled out and answers not graded.

Masks: A mask must be worn at all times in the Testing Center. 

Contact Us

Phone: (765) 496-6168 

Stewart Center, Room G59
128 Memorial Mall
West Lafayette, IN 47907