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February 18, 2014


for Student-Led Water Projects

2014 - 2015


The program goal is to foster the expansion of student-led water projects and opportunities that impact Purdue University’s campus, the community, and the Purdue University Student Body.   


The Purdue Water Community Student Grant Program will provide financial support for student-led projects/services that address water-related topics that influence the campus community and encourage students to explore and engage in the development of new opportunities. This program is intended to give students the opportunity to enhance the quality of their education and experience as a member of the student community.

Grant Levels

Grants will be made to individual students, teams of students (including class-based), and student organizations.  Grant allocation sizes are dependent on the number of applications received and related funding amounts requested.  Projects of noteworthy design or that directly impact a significant portion of the student body and campus and/or community will be given preference for funding decisions. Only one project per team for class-based or organizational projects will be funded per grant cycle. It is expected that most projects will cost between $500.00 and $2,000.00.



·      To be eligible for a grant, the project/service proposal must be authored by a Purdue University student(or students).

·      Both undergraduate and graduate student(s) are eligible to receive a grant.

·      For individual graduate students and graduate-only teams, projects/services should be designed to impact the student/campus community rather than individual or academic projects.

·      Must have the approval/sponsorship of a faculty or staff advisor/mentor. 

·      The sponsoring College/School, department, office, organization, or unit must agreeto serve as the fiscal agent for the project (and student/student group).


Expected Uses of Funds

·      Funds may be used for materials, equipment, services, or supplies necessary to complete the project.

·      Publicity, printing, and postage are allowable costs.

·      Other items must be adequately justified in the proposal.

·      Funds should be used before the end of the academic year and with prior approval the end of the summer.


Funds are NOT to be used for

·      May not be used for student, faculty, or staff salaries, honoraria, or compensation to the individual(s) working on the project, but may be used for contracted services or speaking contracts for individuals external to Purdue University (funding for speakers must be included in the project proposal).

·      May not be used as a donation.

·      May not be used for cash awards or purchasing gift cards, as an award or special prizes, etc.

·      May not be used for normal departmental instruction or research costs, such as field trips, etc.


Application Guidelines

·      A current year application form for the grant program must be completed for all proposed projects/services requesting funding. 

·      Sign-off of the application by the student author(s) or President of Student Organization (if applicable), and Purdue Sponsor are required.

·      Applications with incomplete signatures will not be considered.

·      Applications are to be delivered to the Jill Wable front desk (specify that it is for the Student Water Programs – Purdue Water Community), or by email to, on or before March 14, 2014.

·      Applications received after the above deadlines will be considered if funds are available.

·      Preference will be given to applications that benefit the Purdue University student body/campus. Projects/services targeting the surrounding community will be considered if benefits for Purdue University/students are justified in the proposal. 

·      Funding exclusively for a travel-related activity will not be considered. 

·      The project/service must be described in 500-750 words or less for each area of description, specific content is below.

·      Complete an itemizedbudget and expected income (if any) for the project.  Clearly state the funding amount you are requesting.


General Information

·      Purdue students involved in projects must be in good standing with the University at the time of fund allocate.

·      The student(s) must be the communicator(s) regarding any questions involving the grant.

·      Submission of an application does not guarantee funding.

·      In certain cases, grant may be awarded conditionally upon applicant’s agreement to additional terms that may be specified to ensure adherence to Purdue University policies.

·      Partial funding may be awarded in certain cases.


Accountability – Final Report Required

Each grant recipient is required to writea FINAL REPORT describing the results and benefits of the grant, and a measure and/or description of benefits the project or service has provided for the Purdue University student body and campus community.  Final reports are due one week following the project completion date,or no later than one week prior to the end of the semester for projects with extended, long-term, or summer session completion dates.  The Final Report instructions will be provided at the time funds are allocated to the recipient(s).  Signatures of the student, Purdue sponsor, and Purdue Business Office that the funds were processed through are required


Point of Contact

All applications should be submitted through one of the following means:

Drop offat Global Sustainability Institute, Gerald D. and Edna E. Mann Hall, room 105, 

203 S. Martin Jischke Drive, W. Lafayette, IN 47907-1971. Phone (765) 494-1610

By emailto


Reports, inquiries, and all other communications should be directed to: Purdue Water Community


Application Review and Notification

·      All applications will be reviewed by the Purdue Water Community executive council. The committee will provide grant awarding recommendations to the Director, who will make the final approval. The executive committee is made up of the faculty from across the Purdue campus.  

·      The amount of the grant requested may be reduced by the review committee.

·      Applicants will be notified of the Committee’s recommendation on or before April 4, 2014. 


To receive your money

·      Approximately two weeksafter you receive your acceptance letter, please contact the business office noted in your award letter.  For organizations please visit the Business Office for Student Organization

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