Regenstrief Center for Healthcare Engineering (RCHE) Travel Grant Program


  • Current Purdue Graduate or PharmD students in good academic standing.
  • Must participate in the Regenstrief Center for Healthcare Engineering Graduate Student Seminar Series.
  • Must be advised or sponsored by a Regenstrief Center for Healthcare Engineering Staff, Faculty, or Faculty Affiliate.


  • Each semester 2 students who presented in that semester will be chosen from the RCHE Graduate Student Seminar Series to receive a $2000 travel grant.
  • This is up to $2000.00 and supports one conference or event for the student to present his or her work.
  • The winning students will be notified via an award letter along with their academic advisor.
  • The winning student must use the award within one year of receiving notification letter that they won the award. Any deviation will require a written request to the Regenstrief Center Operations Manager for prior approval.
  • All travel must be booked through concur with coordination with the RCHE admin and Discovery Park business office.

 Evaluation Criteria

  • Semester awards will be evaluated by center leadership and staff committee who are in attendance for all presentations.
  • Any additional recommendation letters from advisors is welcomed but not required.
  • Notification of award will be provided on or before January 31st for fall semester participants and June 30th for spring semester participants.



**Any student participating in the RCHE graduate student seminar series that does not wish to be considered please let Sara Mellady know prior to your presentation.