CatalyzeCare LogoCatalyzeCare ( is a virtual community for healthcare professionals, researchers, and educators to share resources and collaborate on innovative ideas for transforming the healthcare delivery system. On CatalyzeCare, communities can be formed, tools and resources tested, discussions held, and ideas shared and developed. This hub provides the essential framework for collaboration and dissemination for any healthcare professional or researcher.

Conceived by the RCHE, CatalyzeCare was developed on the premise that creating an improved healthcare delivery system requires the combined expertise of providers and researchers. Although there are many individuals pursuing system improvements, creating opportunities for communication, collaboration, and idea dissemination are critical to catalyzing true system transformation. CatalyzeCare provides an online solution where this collaboration can take place in a secure environment.

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Built on the powerful HUBzero framework, CatalyzeCare is a hub, rather than a website, which affords users several advantages. Most notably, by allowing both downloading and uploading, CatalyzeCare allows users to contribute to and shape the content of the hub to reflect their interests and needs, developing new communities or topics to match needs as they arise.  A range of privacy settings allows group managers to make content public, by request or invitation, or completely private, allowing for more sensitive discussions to take place. Presentations, videos, handouts, and more can be uploaded to the hub for viewing or downloading. A course module even allows educators posting course materials to designate the grade level and order in which the course materials must be viewed. Finally, the hub runs various resources and tools, including simulations, so users can review and experiment with concepts without needing extra software packages.

CatalyzeCare is a public tool, open to anyone. By providing a free resource with such flexibility and robustness, RCHE hopes to fill a needed gap in the communication between and amongst providers and researchers pursuing a transformed healthcare delivery system.