Research Staff

Mohammad Adibuzzaman

Assistant Director, Data And Computing

Mohammad Adibuzzaman joined RCHE in July 2015. His research interests include mathematical model development for understanding of healthcare data for better patient outcomes. He has a PhD in Computational Sciences from Marquette University. He received his Master’s degree in Computational Sciences in 2012 from the same university. Before going to Marquette, he worked as a Junior Research Assistant at the National University of Singapore and as a Software Engineer in Bangladesh. He also worked as an Oak Ridge Institute of Science and Engineering (ORISE) Fellow at the U.S. Food and Drug Administration in 2013 and 2014.

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Poching DeLaurentis

Research Scientist

Poching DeLaurentis joined RCHE in July 2014. Her main research focus is on the Infusion Pump Informatics (IPI) System’s impact on clinical care delivery. Her other research interest includes personalized medicine initiatives of bringing innovative engineering technologies into clinical settings as well as, in general, applying systems approach to healthcare problems. Poching has a diverse engineering background and ten years of experience in healthcare engineering. She spent two years as an Indiana Health Services Research Post-doctoral Fellow at the Regenstrief Institute, Inc. in Indianapolis after earning her PhD in Industrial Engineering from Purdue in 2009.

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Dan Degnan

Clinical Research Associate

Dan Degnan officially joined RCHE in the fall of 2015 as a Clinical Research Associate with expertise and research interests in the areas of medication safety technology, advanced pharmacy automation, pharmacy operations and high reliability, working with RCHE and the Infusion Pump Informatics team. Dan is currently the Senior Project Manager at the Purdue University College of Pharmacy’s Center for Medication Safety Advancement and is a Clinical Assistant Professor of Pharmacy Practice at Purdue. Prior to his role at Purdue, Dan served as the Medication Safety Officer at Community Health Network in Indianapolis, Indiana. Dan received Bachelors and Doctor of Pharmacy degrees at Purdue University, also completing a specialty residency in pharmacy administration and a Master’s Degree in Pharmacy Administration at the University of Wisconsin.

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Ping Huang

Research Scientist

Ping Huang joined the center in April 2008 as the center's first research scientist. Her research interest is to use data mining and optimization to improve efficiency and safety of healthcare. At RCHE she has been instrumental in building payment models to sustain Patient-Centered Medical Homes, developing analytical modules for Population Health Management, analyzing claim data for bundled payments, inventing a new method (patent pending) for multi-criteria decision making, and working with healthcare providers to assess their population health status. Huang earned her doctorate in Quantitative Methods and Management Sciences from Purdue University in 2008.

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Diana Lopez Soto

Visiting Scholar

Diana López Soto joined RCHE in February 2019 as a research visitor. She is an assistant professor of Industrial Engineering at the Engineering and Sciences School of Tecnológico de Monterrey in Mexico. Diana has a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt certification by ITESM-BMGI (Tecnológico de Monterrey and Breakthrough Management Group International). During the past ten years she has collaborated in improvement projects at ArcelorMittal, Continental Automotive, Danfoss, Teksid Hierro de México, Draka, Bancolombia, and General Electric. Her research interests are data analysis for better clinical decisions and systems approach for Healthcare systems’ efficiency.

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Cathy Scott

Program Manager, BoilerWoRx

Catherine (Cathy) Scott joined the Regenstrief Center for Healthcare Engineering in a joint position with the College of Pharmacy in August 2018 as the Program Manager for the BoilerWoRx initiative. BoilerWoRx is a mobile health initiative that brings vital services and training to communities across Indiana. It provides a response to Indiana’s public health crisis stemming from the opioid epidemic. The BoilerWoRx program identifies and evaluates evidence based data to guide health care professionals and students as they work to make an impact in the areas hardest hit by this crisis. Cathy received her degree in nursing from Indiana University and maintains a Certified Healthcare Quality Professional (CPHQ) designation.

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