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RCHE’s team is comprised of researchers, administrative and IT staff, and outreach advisors who work collectively to achieve RCHE’s mission and vision. The research team is comprised of data scientists, core faculty, and clinical/affiliate faculty. Core faculty are dedicated to serving RCHE’s mission by utilizing RCHE as their research and intellectual home, drives the research agenda at RCHE, engages in center related research activities, and mentors students facilitating healthcare engineering related projects.

Clinical/affiliate faculty are the broader research community from disparate domains related to healthcare and represent pharmacy, biology, management, clinical research, computer science, statistics, among others and engage with the center to benefit their own research as well as serve the broader mission of improving health care delivery with a systems approach.

Through generous donors and financial match provided by the Regenstrief Foundation, RCHE also supports several Rising Star professors in the schools of Biomedical Engineering, Industrial Engineering and Pharmacy. The Rising Star Program recognizes assistant and associate professors for their exceptional accomplishments and leadership in research, teaching, and engagement.

In addition to supporting Purdue University academic efforts, RCHE also manages Purdue Healthcare Advisors, our community outreach arm.  PHA’s team of experts consults, coaches and trains healthcare professionals in all capacities in both hospitals/health systems, physician practices, skilled nursing facilities, and communities solving complex healthcare challenges. PHA works under multiple grant programs and offers three service lines: Lean First process improvement, and quality services, and health IT security through Purdue cyberTAP.

RCHE Organizational Chart
Regenstrief Center for Healthcare Engineering - Organizational Chart