Regenstrief Center for Healthcare Engineering


Gary L. Kreps, PhD
Director, Center for Health and Risk Communication, Department of Communication, George Mason University
The Role of Strategic Health Communication Research & Interventions Across  the Continuum of Care for At-Risk Populations
August 2011

Judy Monroe, MD FAAFP - Regenstrief Center Pioneers in Healthcare
Indiana State Health Commissioner
Indiana's Public Health Priorities
September 26, 2008

Roberto H. Potter
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Criminal Justice and Public Health: Improving the Whole Community and Person
Co-sponsored with Purdue Homeland Security Institute
Nov 6, 2007

Walt M. Hancock - Regenstrief Center Pioneers in Healthcare
University of Michigan
Hospital Systems: Impacts on Cost and Quality
Sept 25, 2007

Vinod Sahney, Ph.D - Regenstrief Center Pioneers in Healthcare
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts
Transforming Healthcare: Collaboration between Payers, Providers and Community Leaders
Nov 29, 2006

James Benneyan, Ph.D.
Industrial Engineering and Operations Research, Northeastern University
Signal Detection Models for Core Measure Bundles and Risk-Adjusted Adverse Events
May 8, 2006

Michael Carter, Ph.D. - Regenstrief Center Pioneers in Healthcare
Mechanical and Industrial Engineering, University of Toronto
Operations Research in Healthcare: Who Let the Engineer into the Hospital?
Apr 20, 2006

Brad Malin, Ph.D.
Carnegie-Mellon University
Provable Privacy in DNA Database Sharing
Mar 27, 2006

Clement McDonald, M.D. - Regenstrief Center Pioneers in Healthcare
Regenstrief Institute, Inc.
Information Highways and Healthcare
Mar 6, 2006

Matthew J. Realff, Ph.D.
School of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology
Service Enterprise Engineering: An Overview
Nov 21, 2005

Peter Perreiah
News from the Front: One Region's Experience with Applying 'Engineering' Principles to Improve Healthcare
Nov 14-15, 2005

J. Lyle Bootman, Ph.D.
University of Arizona Health Sciences Center
Institute of Medicine Reports: Observations and Implications for Pharmacy Education
Nov 14-15, 2005
PowerPoint: Set One | Set Two

Yuehwern Yih, Ph.D.
Industrial Engineering, Purdue University
Systems Engineering in Healthcare Delivery: Lessons from Manufacturing
Nov 11, 2005

Brian E. Dixon, M.P.A (Regenstrief Institute, Inc.; AHRQ National Resource Center for Health IT)
and Atif Zafar, M.D. (Indiana University; AHRQ National Resource Center for Health IT)
The National Landscape for Health IT
Nov 10, 2005

David Sinreich
Israel Institute of Technology
Can We Make Simulation More Accessible to Emergency Decision Makers?
Aug 23, 2005
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