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Be a Faculty Affilliate

The Regenstrief Center for Healthcare Engineering engages with the clinical/affiliate faculty to benefit their own research as well as serve the broader mission of improving health care delivery with a systems approach. Currently, RCHE’s clinical/affiliate faculty represent a variety of domains within Purdue University, including pharmacy, biology, management, clinical research, computer science, statistics, among others as well as from external partners. Benefits of engagement include access to RCHE’s data and computing resources, access to RCHE specific announcements which highlight funding opportunities, partnership opportunities with healthcare delivery partners within or outside of Purdue, student engagement opportunities; grant and/or data and analytics consultation; potential to be highlighted in RCHE’s broader communications, including social media mentions. RCHE also benefits greatly by engaging with diverse group of researchers to address complex healthcare problems.

If you are interested in becoming a Clinical/Affiliate Faculty, please complete the following questionnaire. Once received, Allison Bryan-Jungels, RCHE’s Operations Manager will reach out to schedule a meeting with RCHE’s Director to determine fit.