Regenstrief Center for Healthcare Engineering

Student Research Opportunities

The Regenstrief Center for Healthcare Engineering is involved in supporting Purdue's educational offerings in several ways.


Undergraduate Internships

RCHE offers student internships through the Discovery Park Undergraduate Research Internships (DURI) program, which places students in Discovery Park centers to do research. As part of the program, students are required to attend a seminar class, complete assignments, and participate in an end-of-year poster show. For more information about applying for the DURI program, please click here.


Graduate Research

RCHE does not typically hire graduate students; however faculty working on projects with RCHE often do. Graduate students interested in projects should first contact the project PI. Alternatively, a list of affiliated faculty and their research interests is available here. Students who are interested in healthcare delivery research but do not find a faculty member whose research interests overlap with theirs may send an e-mail to


Healthcare Systems Engineering Signature Area through the College of Engineering

Engineering students with an interest in this area should consider the Healthcare Systems Engineering research area within the Weldon School of Biomedical Engineering. Learn more here.

About RCHE

Applying academic research to transform healthcare delivery.

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