Innovations of information and communication technologies, such as distributed computing, artificial intelligence, sensing, cloud computing and 5G, have enabled health service providers and patients to readily collect, store and process massive personalized data during both care processes and daily life, which paves the way for the smarter future healthcare service delivery for people.

Our research intends to integrate advanced data and decision analytics tools with smart information technologies and medical and economics knowledge to develop smarter healthcare solutions for people-centric healthcare service delivery, improving the quality and efficiency of care through transforming healthcare systems from hospital-based diagnosis and care to risk-stratified population health management.  In particular, to address the challenges arising from aging population and increasing burden of non-communicable chronic diseases, we will concentrate on long-term and preventive care and its technological and operational solutions and economic incentive mechanisms (e.g., taxation, payment systems and insurance incentives).   

Our primary activities

  1. Publish research papers and articles in international journals and apply research funding.
  2. Recruit postdoc, postgraduate and undergraduate research assistants to form multi-discipline research team to conduct data-driven research.
  3. Invite distinct academic and industrial visitors and organize seminars and workshops.
  4. Provide consulting services and outreach domestic and international health care related organizations to form research partnerships and knowledge exchange.
  5. Organize and attend academic conferences to promote smart health research.
Zhan Pang

Principal Investigator

Zhan Pang, Associate Professor, Krannert School of Management 

Graduate Students and Associates

  • Zhendong Pan, PhD student, Krannert School of Management
  • Linggang Qi, Visiting Scholar, Krannert School of Management
  • Qiulin Yang, Visiting Scholar, Krannert School of Management
  • Jue Liu, Visiting Scholar, Krannert School of Management

Undergraduate Internship Project (2019 Fall)

Project: Data and Decision Analytics for Smart Healthcare Services
Team members
  • Juliet Alexandra Aygun, Department of Mathematics
  • Sahana S Rayan, Applied Statistics and Computer Science, Honors College
  • Alaina Ashley Bartfeld, Krannert School of Management


Smart Health Lab is generously supported from a gift by Sure Champ Ever Group Limited (a private in-Vitro Diagnostics (IVD) product supplier in Hong Kong, providing integrated sourcing and procurement services for hospitals and independent medical laboratories in healthcare markets).