Regenstrief Center for Healthcare Engineering

What does RCHE do?

The Regenstrief Center for Healthcare Engineering (RCHE) pursues a transformed healthcare delivery system by conducting impactful research guided by national priorities and leveraging collaborative partnerships.


Conducting Impactful Research

collaborative partnershipsRCHE seeks to fulfill its vision of a transformed healthcare delivery system by conducting research that is best positioned to positively impact the healthcare system. Pursuing impactful research begins with the project selection, which occurs through discussions with the center, researchers, and partners. This early involvement of all parties helps ensure that the research addresses real-world challenges, and ensures partner support in the testing and dissemination of results. Learn about the impact of some of our projects.


National Priorities

collaborative partnerships

RCHE's research focus areas reflect discussions with national-level groups on the most salient research priorities in healthcare. It is through these discussions that RCHE can ascertain where its work can be most useful in transforming the healthcare delivery system. In 2009, the center established the research focus areas of care coordination and population health following the release of the National Partnership for Priorities report and in collaboration with center partners and researchers. 


Collaborative Partnerships

collaborative partnershipsRCHE works with faculty and researcher partners; and with healthcare providers and professional organization partners. Each set of partners has different areas of expertise and challenges. We work to match those and provide support for the research projects that grow out of those collaborations. Learn more about our partners.

About RCHE

Applying academic research to transform healthcare delivery.

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