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RCHE Faculty Research Associates

RCHE Faculty Research Associates represent colleges and departments from all around Purdue's campus. These researchers share overlapping interests with the center, and may work on center projects or be funded by the center.

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Faculty Research Associates 

NameE-mailDepartmentResearch Interests
Dulcy Abraham Civil Engineering
Kathy Abrahamson Nursing long term care quality, social environment of nursing work, organizational processes of care delivery
James Anderson Sociology Medical error prevention
Tom Brady Industrial Engineering Technology analysis, design and improvement of large-scale systems, using simulation and optimization technology.
Melanie Braswell Nursing Healthcare TAP; Perioperative Nursing and Nursing Informatics
Jeff Brewer Computer Technology Systems analysis and design, computer-aided software engineering (CASE), agile development methodologies, IT project management and Telecare/Telemedic
Barrett Caldwell Industrial Engineering human factors and sociotechnical systems engineering; distributed supervisory control; team coordination and task performance; knowledge management
Suresh Chand Management operations management; production lot sizing and scheduling for multiperiod production inventory problems with varying demand forecasts
Karen Chang Nursing health information technology
Victor Chen Computer Graphics Technology

Information Visualization, Visual Analytics, Human Computer Interaction, Interactive Systems for aging people

Bill Cleveland Statistics computer networking, data visualization, statistical model-building, time series
Chris Clifton Computer Science privacy issues in analysis of healthcare data
Bart Collins Communication telemedicine, tele-health and health literacy
W. Dale Compton Industrial Engineering industrial engineering
Gordon Coppoc Veterinary Clinical Services medical informatics; school of medicine
Michael Criswell Nursing critical care outcomes; nursing simulation
Brad Duerstock Center for Paralysis Research assistive technology, neurological recovery, physiological monitoring
Vincent Duffy Industrial Engineering digital human modeling; human factors; computer-aided design
Benjamin Dunford Management Employee relations and health care effectiveness, burnout, participative management, organizational development, team building, medical errors.
Phillip Dunston Civil Engineering Virtual Reality Applications for Construction Planning and Management; Construction Automation and Robotics
David Ebert Electrical and Computer Engineering Information security and privacy risks, risk perception and management, vulnerability analysis, cost-benefit analysis of information technology invest
Melissa Franks Child Development and Family Studies Aging families, marriage and health, health behaviors and chronic illness management
Robert Hannemann Biomedical Engineering biomedical engineering, healthcare engineering, pediatrics
Marietta Harrison Pharmacy Practice  
Tyler Harrison Communication organizational influence on health-related campaigns
Jeanne Holdren Nursing health policy
Blake Jones Human Development & Family Studies population health, how routines and access impact child obesity
Nan Kong Biomedical Engineering discrete optimization under uncertainty
Mark Lawley Biomedical Engineering
Kai Ming Li Industrial Engineering acoustics
Sandra Liu Consumer Sciences and Retailing Consumerism in healthcare delivery; sales management in a knowledge era; customer capital and structural capital in healthcare industry
James McGlothlin Health & Kinesiology ergonomics, industrial hygiene, epidemiology
David McKinnis HealthcareTAP quality; safety; productivity
Susan Morgan Communication Construction of persuasive messages to strengthen health communication campaigns.
Ioannis Papapanagiotou Computer and Information Technology cloud computing infrustructure, data analytics
Joe Pekny Systems analysis, combinatorial optimization, supply chain management, planning and scheduling systems, pharmaceutical pipeline management, model-base
Kimberly Plake Pharmacy Practice health literacy
Doraiswami Ramkrishna Chemical Engineering Metabolic modeling and Engineering, Modeling of Cancer Therapy, Chemical Reaction Engineering
Polly Royal Nursing involvement with the legislative process at the state and national levels, which address the factors influencing the current nursing shortage
Chip Rutledge   care coordination, physician-patient interaction, patient-family interaction, disclosure of stigmatized/sensitive information
Laura Sands Nursing optimal functioning in vulnerable older adults; long-term care environments; disability in older adults; database analysis
Pankaj Sharma   detection of tuberculosis; climate change; global health; product lifecycle management
Cleveland Shields Child Development and Family Studies Families and health, healthcare, family interventions in health, patient-centered care, couples and cancer
Thomas Siegmund Mechanical Engineering solid mechanics; bone mechanics; mechanics of phon.ation
Howard Sypher Communication Health communication; communication and technology
Thomas Talavage Electrical and Computer Engineering  
Joseph Thomas Pharmacy Practice health outcomes; cost of treatment analysis; dementia; medication use among elderly persons
Maria Venetis Communication
Juan Wachs Industrial Engineering  
Hong Wan Industrial Engineering  
Mark Daniel Ward Statistics Analysis and Design of Algorithms and Data Structures, Analytic Combinatorics, Applied Probability, Asymptotics, Data Compression, Game Theory, Information Theory, Pattern Matching, Probability and Analysis, Probability Theory, Random Structures, Random Walk, Symbolic Computation, Tree Structures.
Sharon Weiner Libraries Information literacy, health literacy, and all affiliated literacies; higher education organization, administration, and leadership
Steve Witz RCHE application of engineering, science and management principles to transform healthcare delivery
Karen Yehle Nursing telehealth; cardiovavscular nursing
Ji Soo Yi Industrial Engineering human-computer interaction, information visualization, mobile computing, and assistive technology
Yuehwern Yih Industrial Engineering system design; flow analysis; scheduling and resource allocation
Lingsong Zhang Statistics Bioinformatics and Biologically Related Disciplines (genomics, nutrition, proteomics, statistical genetics), Computational Methods for Statistical Inference, Data Mining, Data Visualization, Genomics, Machine Learning, Massive Data, Modeling and Model Selection, Nonparametric Regression/Density and Models, Proteomics, Statistical Genetics, Time Series.

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