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The hard work and dedication of REMEDI members has been recognized by these organizations and awards.


IHI/NPSF Lucian Leape Institute Medtronic Safety Culture & Technology Innovator Award (2018)

[Description from the IHI website]

This award recognizes teams who have demonstrated extraordinary and innovative initiatives to drive successful implementation of technology through culture change. Winning submissions demonstrate critical cultural interventions that enabled and led to successful technology adoption with measurable impact on patient, family, and workforce safety.

The Regenstrief Center for Healthcare Engineering at Purdue University is being recognized for work to advance the safety of infusion pumps, which are commonly used in health care to administer medication or nutrients intravenously. Known as the REMEDI Collaborative, it is a free, online resource for clinicians, manufacturers, researchers, and medication safety organizations.

“Participating organizations have embraced a culture of transparency in sharing data that, in turn, help other members learn and improve,” said Rich Zink, MBA, Team Lead. “The collaborative has become a vibrant community, giving members access to best practices and benchmarking tools and offering discussion forums and virtual conferences that connect members directly to others facing similar challenges.”

The award program was created with an unrestricted educational grant from Medtronic, inaugural funder of the IHI/NPSF Lucian Leape Institute, to recognize teams that improve patient safety through the successful implementation of technology and culture change.

The AAMI Foundation & Institute for Technology in Health Care’s Clinical Solution Award (2017)

[Description from the AAMI website]

This award honors healthcare technology professionals who have applied innovative clinical engineering practices or principles to solve a significant patient care problem or challenge. The award this year goes to REMEDI, a division of the Regenstrief Center for Healthcare Engineering at Purdue University in West Lafayette, IN, which has leveraged the power of data and collaboration to drive up compliance rates with infusion pump drug libraries.

The REMEDI collaboration is the only patient safety improvement program in the country that reaches across manufacturers’ smart pump technologies to create a network of hospitals willing to share data and lessons they’ve learned to improve clinician compliance with drug libraries. One participating hospital noted a 25% increase in compliance within the span of three months.

“We are honored to win this prestigious award. Having the AAMI Foundation, whose primary mission is to serve the public welfare and improve patient safety, recognize the team’s efforts is particularly gratifying,” said REMEDI team leader Richard Zink.

The REMEDI team also includes Daniel D. Degnan III, PoChing DeLaurentis, Kang-Yu Hsu, James B. Graves, Damion A. Junk, Alissa J. Nedossekina, and Michael G. Zentner.

ISMP Cheers Award (2017)

"The Cheers Awards honor individuals and organizations that have set a superlative standard of excellence for others to follow in the prevention of medication errors and adverse drug events.  Past recipients of the ISMP Cheers Award have exhibited exceptional efforts to improve patient outcomes and prevent patient harm related to medication use."