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RCHE measures success in multiple ways, all linked to our strategic areas of Healthcare Analytics, Healthcare Delivery, and Evidence Generation. For Healthcare Analytics, measurement includes acquisition of data assets and engagement with the Data Hub for advanced computing and analytical support. Under Healthcare Delivery, metrics covering the number of students mentored through research opportunities for academic gain; collaborations with medical partners; quality and quantity of research articles; and Purdue Healthcare Advisors engagements with clinicians and healthcare systems to improve care. Evidence Generation is measured by the number of impactful research outcomes demonstrated by publications and presentations in notable venues as well as the number of collaborations with external academic, medical, and industry partners. The graphic below captures the impacts for fiscal year 2020 (July 2019-June 2020).

Over 100 campus-based users engaged with Data Hub for advanced computing and analytical support Directly assisted 274 healthcare facilities121 peer reviewed publications